February 17, 2008

"Copper Penny"
22 x 22 inches
Acrylic on paper

I let our dog (Ivan, 100 pound adorable mutt) out this morning and didn't realize that there was freezing rain....Poor thing made it to the snow bank...but certainly didn't want to skate back to the house! My first reaction is to go and save him....so as I'm sliding sideways down the driveway in my tennies, without a coat, ....I'm thinking "I'm going to have to crawl over there, and then what? Lead him crawling back to the garage, on a sheet of ice, in the rain? Isn't that an interesting visual? LOL So I crawled back into the garage....got some fertilizer and sprinkled it onto the ice and went and retreived him....He batted his eye lashes at me and exclaimed "My hero" or something like that.....