It's time for another "finders keepers" release! Be on the look-out all you potential finders!
Number 14 will be placed today somewhere in Oxford or Lake Orion Michigan...I'm going to give hints later today, as to where I've left it. hehehe

edit.... #14 was found! Here is the email I received:

"My friend and i were embarking on a journey across town. Today was a fairly cloudy day and we started to feel some rain. At this point we were half way to our destination so we thought we were about to get soaked. that was when i stumbled upon your rock with the four leaf clover on it. This was also ironic because i was wearing my lucky shirt with guess what (a four leaf clover) on it. but anyway the rain stopped!"

This is what makes the finders keepers project fun for me....I love getting the notes when they are found! Thanks for writing finder #14!