Homemade Valentines...

Homemade Valentines... collage.

I love to make valentines.... I'm putting together a handmade valentine class at JoAnn's...(First week of February)

These are just some of the samples I've come up with so far. I use all kinds of papers...(note the victoria's secret shopping bag paper.) Costco had the best 12 x 12 stacks of handmade papers last year. I wonder if they still have them?

I've even re-cycled those musical cards, by covering them with collage. You just have to avoid the little pully thing that makes the card play music. I know...I know... You're probably thinking that I don't have enough to do. LOL.... The truth is though, I get some of the best ideas for paintings when noodling around with some of these crafty types of projects. I really just love to "make stuff."

So, why don't you try surprising your valentine with a handmade card.
I'll bet they'll be tickled pink that you made the extra effort. :)