i'm so glad I was a couch potato.

Last night I had decided not to go to Don's hockey game ...It was just too snowy...and the couch and a good movie were just too attractive to pass up. (He's an assistant coach @ Lake Orion Varsity Hockey...Go Dragons...they had a terrific victory last night)

Thank God I had decided to be a couch potato!

Around 8:30 our house alarm started going haywire! The keypad was telling me that
A window had been broken in the family room...
Our house was full of carbon monoxide...
And there was something wrong in the garage too...

My pass code wouldn't shut off the horrific blaring of the alarm. The alarm company was trying to call...and our cable phone service decided to be intermittent ..spazzing out when i tried to answer.
...And to be quite honest...I had know idea what was going on!

And could i find my cell phone? Of course not! I had conveniently left it in the car.
...in the garage
...where the alarm system was telling me that something was wrong.

The house phone got it's act together, and I finally got hold of the alarm company. They informed me that the fire dept. was on their way....

By the time i got to the front door...the huge fire truck was there, lights blazing, along with all the pick-ups from the firefighters on call....The alarm company had sent all the big guns...

After asking me what was happening...They came in and checked everything...making sure the carbon monoxide detector was indeed malfunctioning.(it never quit beeping) Their carbon monoxide level reader told us that we were fine...so they disabled the detector for me......

And then.... of course.... the house alarm started going off again.
...and the alarm company was sending the signal to 911 again..
... luckily the firefighters knew to call and let them know not to send any more personnel.

After all...it was a bit crowded.

When everyone left...I sat down to calm our panicked dog....and realized that if i hadn't been home...they probably would have had to break into the house to see what was what.
I'm SO glad I decided to be a couch potato last night.
Occasionally it's a very good decision.

By the way... Our Oxford Fire Department is awesome...very professional and arrived here lickity split...even in a snow storm. Something that's good to know.... I'm also thankful that there wasn't something serious happening in the area while they were helping me with a spazzy alarm and a faulty Carbon Monoxide detector....That would have been awful.

Hoping your Sunday is a lot less eventful than my Saturday night. :)