Hello Shorty...

"Hey Shorty"
8 x 9"
Acrylic on paper

This reference photo was posted at WetCanvas.com in their copy-write free photo library. (thanks Jocelyn!) It made me laugh for some reason... the flowers all acquired personalities. I'm sure you can spot the shy...the domineering...the perky.... Well, maybe you can't but I can!

This was an acrylic class demo that I did today. (It wasn't quite finished in class, I spent another 10 minutes on it when I got home.)
We did a painting in black, gray and white, 3 values only, let that dry, then using a limited palette, just filled in the value pattern with an appropriate hue. I love this exercise, because if you have a pleasing value pattern with out color... you are almost there! All of the hard work is finished.

A giggly thing:
A friend of mine @ facebook told me about this link. You gotta try it...and refresh the screen a couple of times too. A guaranteed smile.