Large Stones First....

"Large Stones First" Work in Progress
12 x 12"
Acrylic on canvas

I'm working on a few of these circular compositions at the same time. As I was painting it reminded me of a lecture that I read about quite a few years ago... (here is a link to the lecture)

I used different techniques with this one... painting, then drying it partially (with a hairdryer), then taking it to the sink and scrubbing off the damp paint. Guarantee you'll end up with some surprises if you work this way! There are a few things to resolve, but I think it's moving in an interesting direction.

We have 2 showings of the house tonight... Thank goodness for kind friends that will take us in to chat for a couple of hours... By "us" I include our 100 lb. mutt, Ivan. These are really kind friends! LOL