Website Work Woes and other stories...

"Thought Process"
11 x 10
Acrylic on Paper
not for sale at this time

For the last 10 days I have been working on revamping my website. Hours and hours were spent on it... It had hundreds of pages under the "paintings" category, with subheadings that included~
  • Taking the High Road Series
  • Landscape
  • Faces and Figures
  • Animals
  • Gouache Ink Resist (including a demo section)
  • still life
  • abstract
  • My Year of Paintings Series...
So Friday morning... I excitedly push the "publish" button and we are off and running, for a couple of minutes... then the "serious error with SiteBuilder" screen comes up.... AAAAGGGGHHH!!!!
I want to throw up.

Luckily, I had saved most everything on an external hard-drive (I had learned that hard lesson a couple of years ago) So I spent more hours importing files into the fresh (uninstalled then reinstalled) SiteBuilder...and re-doing the links ( they didn't work when I put the pages back in) And stopped with just my current work posted. Someday I might add some of the stuff back in... but for now I'm calling it "good enough".

So... you are probably asking..."Why doesn't she hire this done so she can just paint???" Here's why~
  • the expense
  • the flexibility of adding pages when new work is done...immediately
  • I would drive a designer/programmer crazy with my indecision and waffling. (I drive myself crazy)
  • I don't want to hunt for or interview website designers.
  • my very strong 'self reliant' tendencies.
  • and...."I can do it myself" said the little red hen. (rolling my eyes here)
I'm not saying that these reasons are good reasons... but they are my reasons.
I drive me crazy.