Bathed in Books...

New books to peruse on a cold rainy day....

It's been a while since I've ordered from Amazon. I had quite a few titles in my cart, collected over the last few months. I decided last week, that I was in need of some inspiration, and for me, books are a great source. I'm a book fiend... especially and art book fiend.
So, yesterday the UPS man...(I LOVE him) delivered these beauties. Each one is a delight.

And then the gods delivered this cold, rainy day. Perfect for sitting with a cup of tea and a pile of new art books. mmmmmmmmm Sigh. Ain't life grand?

Here are the titles and authors....
Inside the Painter's Studio; by Joe Fig (I love that name)
Drawing for Mixed Media Artists; by Carla Sonheim (fun!)
Carlson's Guide to Landscape Painting; by John F. Carlson
Landscape Painting; by Mitchell Albala (droolingly beautiful book)