painting is a statement of gratitude....

When you decide on a subject, you are choosing to celebrate something in paint. Whether it's a color or color combination, an outside view, a loved one, or a beautifully shaped piece of're communicating.

 You're saying....

"I care about this."

"I appreciate this thing I'm painting....
I want to show you what I'm thinking
 and then maybe you'll care about it too.
A painting starts out as a monologue. You conversing with the paper or canvas, using paint as the language.

When you've said just enough to get your point across (not too much, mind you... just enough) then you're sign it, and you can invite others into the discussion. 

Sometimes, lets face it... it ends up a rather dull conversation.

But occasionally, your efforts spark a flood of communion and empathy.

We are grateful together.

Those are the golden moments and the thing that keeps me at it. How about you?