Thank You Notes.....

Example of a card front, using Send Out Cards.

In last Thursday's Painters Keys newsletter by Canadian artist Robert Genn, he talks about thank-you notes, and how he has never done them. The Painter's Keys newsletter is published every Tuesday and Thursday, and arrives by email. You can choose to write back with some thoughts on the topic, along with some examples of your paintings, and if you are lucky, you'll be included in the "click-backs." Happily, my response letter was published this morning.

In my letter I mention Send Out Cards. That's the company I use to send all my art related (and some personal) custom cards. I create the card front using their Photoshop template, then I can upload the high quality image to my Send Our Cards account. I have my own personalized font they created using my handwriting. I type my message, include more photos if needed, and with a couple of clicks, the card is in queue to be printed, folded, stuffed in the envelope, addressed, stamped (using an actual stamp) and mailed. The quality is excellent! I just happen to be a distributor... LOL... so if you're interested in trying it out, let me know, and I'll set you up with a free account to send a couple of cards.