Which came first...the title or the painting?

All sorts of paintings drying in front of my little electric stove... there are more, but I didn't want to zoom out too far. I've been less than tidy with my work habits. :)

My cyber friend, and a wonderful artist, Peggy Stermer Cox asked me a great question yesterday...
Do I get my idea for a painting first, or do I do the painting then title it?

I answered her comment this morning...but I was thinking a bit more about it today.

With my "Take the High Road"series, it's been both, but most often, I just start with a blank sheet of paper or canvas and start playing with colors and ideas. I honestly do have 4 to 10 paintings going at once (depending on size). I start thinking of situations in which I could choose to "take the high road" and then sort of illustrate it in different ways. If I come up with something that i think is a good idea and composition, I'll write the title on the back of the painting or on a sticky note. Then I attempt to complete the thought with paint.

Another process I have is doodling in my sketch book with thumbnail sketches....writing down ideas...or things I want to explore. I've also started cutting out from magazines great color combinations that I want to play with. This is a great reference to go to when I have a "what should I do next" blank mind.

Robert Burridge's workshop was so helpful to me in this respect. His advice about intent was monumental . He says "The goal. The point. The reason. Your intentions. It is your initial impulse for the core of a meaningful painting."