cardinals... bright red?.... or not.

waiting for "red fox color" ink 
Had an interesting discussion over at my Facebook Page, when I claimed that the red cardinals would be too much after the fox was printed in his correct red fox color. I had quite a few "But I love the red cardinals" comments...

This was my response....

"I'll have to wait to see. When I start a project, whether it's paint or print or collage... I try to decide my "intent" before I start. That way I have a focus... This print is about the fox. I have to be careful not to fall in love with any parts that end up good, but don't support my "why"...My concern is that the cardinals would call attention away from the star of this particular show. I won't know for sure until I see it with the right fox color... You two have made me decide on my next linoleum project though... and it will be about Cardinals! I love them too!!! Thanks so much for your input... Seriously, I appreciate it!... because sometimes I get too much in my own head, and lose perspective."

Since I posted that comment... I've decided to do a few prints with a Grey Fox and the bright red cardinals...

Because I can. 

the one that got away

"Stellar" photo of a fox just outside the studio window on left....and the preliminary sketches on the right.
I was so excited to see this visitor outside the studio window... Just grabbed my phone, snapped this shot (whaaaaah) and now I'm trying to make a linoleum print of him... or her. How can I fail with such terrific reference shots?

There have been two foxes hanging around lately... hopefully I'll get another chance.

first try

Here is my first go at the linoleum block. It looks more like my dog Major than a fox. :)
Working on rendition number two now.