Thanks so much!!!

Watercolor...self portrait :) week 52 in my "Year of Painting" series....

My Open Studio event (last Friday and Saturday) surpassed my expectations by a mile....I am really appreciative of so many of you coming out and seeing what I've been up to. Thanks so much!!! I am most excited by the favorable reception of my new series "Taking the High Road."

Some of the new Paintings in the series are pictured above.

Taking the High Road
Artist’s statement

We have no control over so many things that affect us. I am always telling myself that I can’t do much about this or that….but I can certainly live my days doing things that I know are right. I can strive for better. I can be helpful and kind and I can choose to be happy. That’s what this series is about… it’s about climbing out of the murk and living your life in a way that’s positive. It’s about seeing that you really do have a choice and the power to control what you think and what you do, how you react to things and how you choose to communicate. It’s about striving to be a light in your circle of influence. We are not helpless. We are powerful. And when given a choice, let’s take the high road.

Lauren Everett Finn