Subjects for a new series....

Well Loved... a new series!
Many of us have kept our childhood "lovey"...that thing that gave us comfort when we were small. I have my "Brown Teddy" (who is next in line for his portrait) My sister has "Whitey" her floppy stuffed dog. (for two rather creative people...I laugh at the un-original names for our best stuffed friends)

I want to pay tribute to these important parts of our lives. The worn and tattered friends that received our hugs and secrets and tears and joys...the much loved friends that helped us endure those scary nights, and protected us from what was under the bed...and in the closet.
Do you have a stuffed friend that supported you through your childhood? 
I'd love you to send me a photo of him or her. They could be immortalized as part of this new series. 

You aren't under any obligation to buy the painting! I just want to paint your friends. :) The more raggedy the better...
Karen's Teddy.... (thank-you!)

Fall is in the air...finally!

Fall 2009... What we have to look forward to!

Ok... I have figured out that I like the "idea" of summer... Picnics, lounging on the decks, boat rides, golf... but the actual summer...especially this actual summer, with it's hot temperatures and no likey.

Today, I needed a hoodie to go down the drive to get the paper. aaaahhhhhhh. Fresh air. It reminded me of the house we lived in in Rochester Hills, MI... We were close enough to the high school that we could hear the marching band practicing in the dark of the early morning. I just loved waking up to the far away beat of the drums and faint music. Nothing like the star spangled banner to get you up in the morning. :)

I really miss that herald of early fall. Maybe I'll grab my kazoo, and march down the drive humming my favorite show tunes. I'm sure our neighbors would appreciate it as much as I did....don'tcha think?

Even without the cooler temps... I can see a change in the quality of the light. The sun is lower in the sky... the colors are becoming more saturated... Magic.

Back to WORK!

All is calm....but not bright!

Humid, calm and peaceful here at Platte Lake this morning...

I'm looking forward to a day of painting... with a little bit of cake baking thrown in. (It's my sister's birthday...Happy Birthday, Sue!)

There's been no painting from me for the last few weeks as we go through moving boxes and try to figure out where to put all our stuff.... But today, I'm getting the brushes wet!

Yeeeee Haw!