New Favorite Artist: Sheila Norgate

"Adult Dogs Change their Coats Once a Year"
By: Sheila Norgate (with permission)
Mixed Media
40 x 30

Available at the Diehl Gallery

I just love Sheila Norgate's website.... (I stumbled on it through Robert's Genn's newsletter) Her work is just wonderful too... But what struck me about her website is that she really lets her personality shine through. I'm guessing that I probably would really like to hang out with Sheila. She has a great sense of humor which is very important in my friend selection. :) I clicked through just about everything there... And was lingering on the small works for sale.

I guess my point is that...

  • If I hadn't found her site so charming... I probably wouldn't have looked at the whole thing.
  • If her site wasn't so charming... I wouldn't have lingered over the smaller affordable works for sale...
  • If her site wasn't so charming... I wouldn't be hoping for a few more sales of my own, so that I could buy from her!

Makes me realize how very much my site needs overhauled. Ah... so little much to do!