Support System....

"Support System"
7.5 x 7.5
Acrylic on paper

(used to be "lil help")

I have a whopper of a cold... the mushy headed kind... So around 3pm, I left the studio, made myself a cup of tea and sat in the recliner with a blankie and my library book.

I chose the book because of the cover. (I am so predictably VISUAL) I was looking for light reading... an amusement for when I'm too tired for thinking and don't want to watch TV.

It's called "In the Land of Second Chances" by George Shaffner. I really enjoyed it. (Now remember, I am very easily amused) It turned out to be a philosophical exploration which I found fascinating, but done in a very entertaining way. One of the things he talks about is that there are 4 kinds of people. (I'll be paraphrasing here...)

One kind are the people who need assistance to survive... the very young, the very old, the sick.

The second kind are those who take care of themselves.

The third kind are those who take care of themselves and care for others too.
"The lifeblood of society: giving parents; genuine leaders; people who devote their lives to medicine, law enforcement, fire fighting, national defense, and charity," Shaffner says.

The fourth kind are the people who take from others for their own gain. (Leaders who end up being this fourth kind are especially bad)

Man.... how clear cut is that? There are some religious elements in the book.... talking about reincarnation... God.... life after death. There are some amusing parts though too. It isn't really DEEP.... but it's interesting, and entertaining. I give it 3 of 4 stars. :)