Watercolor...It's Been A Long Time....

"Jonnine's Peonies"
11 x 11

Well....Talk about rusty with the watercolor skills! It still felt good (though frustrating) to have my brushes wet. I'm up in Northern Michigan, helping out my Mom after a stroke.... away from my studio and supplies. I brought watercolor stuff, so that's what I'll be working with until my next trip home. I am not a fan of all the hard edges in this one... but I'm giving myself a break and calling it done... It has a bit of a wallpaper vibe going on that I don't hate.

Part of my morning ritual since I've been up here, has been to take the dog and a large mug of coffee and get the paper for my mom and two of her neighbors. They all have long driveways to the paper box, so it's a nice 10 minute morning walk. Yesterday, one of the neighbors left me a bunch of peonies on their porch... That unexpected surprise really made my day, and filled the room with delicious Peony scent. They were sitting still, so they got painted. :)