Light the Night

watercolor... to be used as "thank-yous" 
My husband and I are participating in the "Light the Night" walk tonight to benefit the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. I'll print out this image to use as thank-yous for the donations we receive. My mom died from Acute Myelogenous Leukemia...a nasty disease. I'd love to see the cure within my lifetime.

Poppies Abstracted

#66 Poppies Abstracted ~7x5~ acrylic on collage
I have a larger (24x18 inch) one of these begun...I decided to test out some background colors on a smaller size. (Getting smarter in my old age, right?) This process has no do-overs. Gesso won't help. (Though it would make an incredibly textured surface to do something completely different on.) But these watery pure and transparent's a one shot deal. Yikes stripes.


#40 Tangled... 5x7 watercolor
I've been painting patterning.... no particular thought in mind... just starting and following my nose. This mindless sort of meandering with paint is a somewhat zen experience.... This is the sort of thing I never make time for, and it's so beneficial. Another plus for doing a challenge. (6 paintings a week for a year)

Mom's Bowl

#34 Mom's Bowl~ 5x7 watercolor
I'm up in the northern lower peninsula. (Michigan)... working with watercolor... Painted this from life... I'm a bit rusty with my drawing and my watercolor... but that's why this challenge is so good for me. (6 paintings a week for a year)
Use it or loose it. :-)

Snow Day

#15 Snow Day 7x5 watercolor and acrylic
Well.... we got a tiny bit of snow last night... not near enough for my tastes but it's nice to see the white. This started it's life as a gesso primed piece of watercolor paper... then I painted the blue in watercolor, and lifted out the snow flakes and softened some of his edges. (If only it were that easy with some people I know... ;-) )

Blue Matter

#12 Blue Matter 7x5 watercolor and gouache
This was completed last week... but I didn't get it posted until right now. A study in transparent vs. opaque. I can't decide if the transparent passages come forward (because of size) or recede (because of transparency).

I'm finding that the painting part of my challenge is coming along just fine, but the photographing, and posting is nagging at me. :)

In case you are just tuning in... I'm challenging myself to paint or draw (any medium) six 5x7's a week. I created a Facebook group of like minded folk... If you want to challenge yourself to do something, and need a bit of accountability... come and join us! Here's a link.

Fill in the Blanks and One Slice Gone,

#5 "Fill In the Blanks"

#6 "One Slice Gone"
On with the year long challenge I've started... These were finished on time, but not photographed and posted. You just have to trust me on that. :) Week one is never very hard... it's weeks 25, 37, 41, etc. that can be a bit more difficult.I'm kind of chuckling at my choice of painting pizza... Have you ever painted pizza?  Maybe you've never painted it... but I'll bet you've enjoyed a slice or two, right?

The electricians were here most of the day today... coming back tomorrow morning to finish up the wiring of the studio... I. Can. Not. Wait.

Red Sky

Having fun with these small color studies in watercolor... They are painted on Strathmore "mixed media" paper, which is very smooth and absorbent. It's forcing me to put the paint down and let it be. It's a good exercise for a over-worker like me.