Celebrating Achievement

"Celebrate Achievement"
11 x 11
Acrylic and pencil on watercolor paper
$220 unframed

I had a friend express interest in "Support System", and since it's not available, I decided to try to complete a larger version of it that I had started some time ago.

And this is what I learned about that....

I have to just stick with the idea... and forget what I've done before...
I found myself glancing at "Support System" trying too hard to recreate it.
I'll continue on with the idea of the wonky ladder with the 2 supports....And even keep the title in mind as I paint... But there will never be another "Support System".

There will be more paintings with that idea behind them... some of the paintings will be worse... some might even be better.... (I can hope) But never the same.
I think that's great.