Honoring Honor...a fundraiser

“Once upon a time, there was an artist living in Honor, Michigan. (ummmm that would be ME) She read about the Honor Area Restoration project (HARP), a group of citizens that were dedicated to making things better where they lived. “How can I help?” she asked herself. Her skill was art making, so she decided to do a series of paintings depicting local scenes and the “Honoring Honor” series was born. $5 from every print;$3 from each note card set; and 50 cents from each individual card sold,will be donated directly to HARP.”
Click HERE if you are interested in buying a print or note-card of the images pictured. Or maybe forward the link to anyone you know that vacations here! THANK YOU!

Gouache Ink Resist... Peterson Road Beach

And here's the newest gouache ink resist painting..."Peterson Beach." 
This beach is a nice 40 minute walk from our house over to Lake Michigan...My plan for these gouache ink resist pieces, is to offer prints and cards, giving a portion of the money to HARP. (Honor Area Restoration Project) I'll be sure to let you know all about it as the series unfolds. :)