true confessions

Lake View 2
12x12 collage
this is where it is at the moment.....trying to salvage.
I'm not sure if I'm done or not...I'm mad at myself.

Where it was yesterday....
after I had the bright idea mid painting, to turn it into a landscape.

One of my constant struggles in painting is having an idea or concept, and sticking with it. The smart thing to do when these "other" ideas come up is to write them down and try them on the next painting. Stay the course. But if I'm the least bit distracted.... I veer off course into another idea. 

The trouble with this, for me anyway, is 
1. I never complete the original idea...which is sometimes a good one.
2. Because the base of the second idea is on top of a different's not a good solid place to start.

I've been lazy. 
The best way to stop this flighty behavior is to actually write the concept down on tape or a post it...and have it right near my palette. 
To remember the WHY I'm painting this in the first place. 
Where's that sticky note pad?

mini collage...with stitching

"No Plan At All"
Acrylic collage with stitching

"Sky At Night"
Acrylic Collage with stitching
I've been in the studio... almost exclusively. I occasionally emerge...blinking.

I've been making papers using the "Gelli Plate". It's a bouncy rubbery gelatin-like substance that allows you to make mono prints with-out a press. I'm addicted! Now I'm trying to use all these amazing  papers I've made. 

Gouache Ink Resist... Peterson Road Beach

And here's the newest gouache ink resist painting..."Peterson Beach." 
This beach is a nice 40 minute walk from our house over to Lake Michigan...My plan for these gouache ink resist pieces, is to offer prints and cards, giving a portion of the money to HARP. (Honor Area Restoration Project) I'll be sure to let you know all about it as the series unfolds. :)

Hoar Frost...

"Hoar Frost"
12 x 12
Acrylic on Acrylic paper

Tried to capture a bit of the feeling of the hoar frost from yesterday's walk... I have another attempt going... Might try to make the next one a bit more neutral... Just to see if I can!

thoughts I just gotta share...
I think the Canadian National Anthem is the best of all anthems. I love my country...but don't love our anthem... It's too hard to sing!

The Idea of Trees....

"The Idea of Trees"
6 x 6
Acrylic on Acrylic paper
$50 (unframed)

Finished a few of these small ones today... A few days of thought and rest does wonders for finishing up unresolved paintings. It sometimes surprises me though...the paintings that I thought had such promise, end up to be not so great... And the ones that I am not that excited about end up being better than I'd imagined....

I'm thinking that it might be because of expectations.

Paintings that I judge to have 'promise'... I unconsciously tighten up on.... And the paintings that are boring to begin with... with some bold maneuvers... can become the paintings I like best. Hmmmmmm

Had a lot more fun painting today.... Had the reds, yellows and violets going.
Think Valentines. :) I love making valentines.