Work in Progress....30 x 22 (full sheet watercolor paper)
This is the really early preliminary stages for the newest Aerial View painting...
Anyone recognize the spot? (hint: "On the banks of the Red Cedar...." ) This will be for my oldest if he wants it when I'm finished....He'll have his choice of either this one ...or Comerica Park. It's a fine line with have it be recognizable...but to still be compatible with my artistic aesthetic....push and pull....actual or fantasy patterning....It's a bit exhausting actually. I'll need to prop this one up and have a bit of a think.
I'm home from a fun visit with family in Honor, Michigan then Naperville, Ill..(Chicago suburb)...It feels good to be back to the studio after a long absence.

Aerial #7...until I think of a better title....just finished, hot off the easel...11 x 10 inches
watercolor and casein....

The aerial image that inspired this one, is of Jackson's Point in Ontario...(I pushed the island closer to the land :) ) That is where I spent the weekend with some of my artist friends from WetCanvas. Lots of fun with a terrific group of people!

Step one of a new painting....30 x 20 inches.....Anyone recognize this aerial view? This is just the beginning stage...I'm sure it will go through many transformations before it's finished....but I thought I'd give you a sneak peek at what's on my easel. Have a great weekend! I'm off to visit with some artist friends in Sutton, Ontario....about an hour north of Toronto....Hoping for good plein air weather!

"Aerial Spine" until something better comes to mind :) 10 x 10 inches....mixed media

I'm still experimenting with the aerial views in mapquest....loosely bases on maps of our subdivision....VERY loosely! This one was motivated by color mostly...then pattern. Any ideas out there for a better title??? I'm all ears! :)

"Aerial Citrus" 15 x 15 inches.....watercolor, acrylic, colored pencil
I mentioned last week about a new series of work using the aerial views from mapquest as inspiration...This one started with our neighborhood....There are a lot of ponds and creeks that meander through, that look really interesting from the bird's eye view! I just finished this one this morning...kinda wild! But fun!

"Duck Lake 2"... 7 x 7 ....watercolor and colored pencil

"Duck Lake 1" ...7 x 7 ...watercolor, colored pencil

Don't you wish you could fly?
I'm starting a new series of abstracted "bird's eye view" landscapes....I've always been fascinated by the satellite images of neighborhoods....So I'm starting with the one I live in. :) These two are sketchy, planning sort of paintings....a jumping off point so to speak.
I was sitting in the studio...watching the wind blow the water around in the pond behind our house...I love looking at water and the wildlife that comes with it....
I started doodling and "wa-lah"...I felt a new series coming on! :)....