Fun with the Gelli Plate

Using "Gelli Plate" You don't need a printing press. Fun Fun Fun!
I'll be teaching a new class in Leland, MI this August 26th, 2014. Mono Prints using the Gelli Plate. So I've been playing and experimenting. These would make fabulous backgrounds for paintings. Some of them feel like close to finished works as they are. Can you hear me OOOOhing and AAAAhing?

making your summer plans?

Jumping into the New Year with some fun class offerings for 2014.  I'll be teaching "Getting From Here to There ~ Abstracting your subject"  at the Oliver Art Center in Frankfort, MI. (July 15...full day).. As I look at this example though... I'm thinking I'll abstract it even more... going for a progression of more and more abstraction... How far can I go?!? Stay tuned. :-)

So Many Techniques....what to choose.

"Lyle Lyle Crocodile"~ Acrylic on Yupo

I'm finalizing my plans for my Acrylic 101 class at Crystal Lake Art Center...  but I'm having trouble limiting the techniques that I want to introduce!   We are going to start painting in a watercolor fashion and move to a thicker and thicker consistency... But fitting in or omitting the great stuff you can do within each consistency... now that's just hard to decide!
Oh... and here's a link to last Thursday's newsletter... I made you a valentine that you can print and send.

Grumbacher Class samples tadaaaaa!

Landscape Sample for Acrylic classes...
Just a tree... out-standing in a field. :) Easy peasy beginner class.

Floral Sample for acrylic classes...
This one is a bit more involved... But still fine for a beginner.

Classes will be held at Michaels in Traverse City, MI.... I'll post the class dates when they are scheduled. Hope you can join me!


"Sanctuary 2"
watercolor and ink on paper
8 x 8 inches
Another watercolor class sample for the auburn hills JoAnn's store.

A study in glazing and mingling color.

Going with my gal pals to the Snowflake Ball at Addison Oaks ballroom this evening. My husband has a hockey game (he's an assistant at Lake Orion Varsity Hockey) so I bugged my friends to make it a girls night out. I'm sure we'll have a great time. It's the Orion Art Center's big fund raiser... so we'll have fun, and support a good cause.

It's almost 50 degrees here... The air smells so good!!!

Valentine Bouquet in Watercolor

"Valentine Bouquet"
10 x 8
watercolor class sample (at JoAnn's in Auburn Hills)

This class will be available next week. Come join me and we'll splash some paint around!

I had the best time with my beginning watercolor class on Wednesday night. The ladies were just so much fun! I must say, all 3 of their projects turned out just great! (It was the Winter Trees class)

Have a great weekend!
I get to wear my "big girl" shoes tonight....Don and I are going out to dinner with 3 other couples...Wow! A date night!

Quote of the Day:
"The real study of an art student is more a development of that sensitive nature and appreciative imagination with which he was so fully endowed when a child, and which, unfortunately in almost all cases, the contact with the grown-ups shames out of him before he passes into what is understood as real life."
~Robert Henri (in "The Art Spirit")

Newest favorite iTunes buy:
"Falling Slowly" by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova


"Sunflower" (what a catchy title, eh?) 10 x 8 ~Watercolor class sample

I'll be teaching this class @ JoAnn's in February. I used a photograph from WetCanvas (taken by ottwork), in their copywrite free reference image library. (It's worth joining for the library, let alone the inspiration from all the great artists that post there)

What I learned today.... -10 degrees F is way too cold to go out walking in. (duh) Thank god for heaty thingy's for my mittens...or the 20 minutes I walked would have been even worse!

Shared Joy...

"Shared Joy" Watercolor and ink ~ 8 x 10 ~ Class Sample

Somehow i lost the photo file of this finished sample for the watercolor class I'm teaching @ JoAnn's next week. (Doh!) So I did a re-do this afternoon. This beginning watercolor class will learn to have fun with the "salt" technique and some simple negative painting. Call JoAnn's at 248-393-8167 to reserve your spot!

Happy Happy New Year!!!

"Fun Floral" watercolor ~ 8 x 10 ~ class sample
January Class Information

Well my friends....
  • The pork and sauerkraut is in the oven and stinking up the house. :)
  • I'm getting ready to settle in to watch our Spartans take on Georgia at 1:00. (hear the pop of the beer bottle being opened...soon)
  • My word "balance" for 2009 is feeling more and more like the right choice for me. (Look at yesterday's post if you want to know what I'm talking about)
  • I'm filled with gratitude for so many things.....
Happy Happy Joy Joy (wow...a blast from the past....Ren and Stimpy)

Hope your 2009 is filled with many blessings!

I'll be offering classes starting in January

"The Sky is Falling!" watercolor ~ 30 x 22 (sold)

Can you guess why I was inspired to post this painting...I refuse to watch the local news (being here in the Detroit area and all)

I'll be teaching in 2009!
I'm excited to announce that I'll be teaching in 2 different venues next year...the Auburn Hills Joann's and through the Orion Art Center.
The Joann's classes will be project based (students all paint the same thing) and I'm starting with watercolor. (samples will up in the store within the week.) I'll be there doing a demo this Saturday from 1 to 3 pm. If you are in the plaza doing your shopping...stop in and say hi! :)

Orion Art Center is negotiating with the new owner of a vacated school...I guess there is some fabulous class room space available. We expect the classes to begin in February. (After their big annual fundraiser, the Snowflake Ball) I'll be teaching Acrylic! I'm so excited about it!
I'll also be teaching one day workshops with a variety of subjects and themes... It should be a heck of a lot of fun!

Thanks for stopping by....and have a great weekend!