Fill in the Blanks and One Slice Gone,

#5 "Fill In the Blanks"

#6 "One Slice Gone"
On with the year long challenge I've started... These were finished on time, but not photographed and posted. You just have to trust me on that. :) Week one is never very hard... it's weeks 25, 37, 41, etc. that can be a bit more difficult.I'm kind of chuckling at my choice of painting pizza... Have you ever painted pizza?  Maybe you've never painted it... but I'll bet you've enjoyed a slice or two, right?

The electricians were here most of the day today... coming back tomorrow morning to finish up the wiring of the studio... I. Can. Not. Wait.

year long challenge begins today....

I've been in the midst of a studio move... Waiting on plumbers and electricians, and I have one more BIG load to pack and move. I decided I was whining about it entirely too much. I'd rather make that's what I'm doing. And to keep me motivated, I've decided to challenge myself to the following:
1. 6 works per week (not necessarily daily...6 in one day works too)
2. 5x7 size
3. any medium or subject
4. begin on Dec. 1, 2012 and continue for a year (minimum)
ta daa!