living and learning

#72 Big Poppies~ 28x18~ Acrylic on Collage
(c) 2013 L. Everett Finn
Now that I've completed this larger piece... (with the wrinkled paper applied to watercolor paper... then painted with watery acrylic...) I think the process lends itself better to the smaller scale. While an interesting texture... it's not enough texture at this size. Living and learning.

(Big Poppies are going to try to get in a show this week... we'll see if the juror agrees with me... hopefully not.)

Poppies Abstracted

#66 Poppies Abstracted ~7x5~ acrylic on collage
I have a larger (24x18 inch) one of these begun...I decided to test out some background colors on a smaller size. (Getting smarter in my old age, right?) This process has no do-overs. Gesso won't help. (Though it would make an incredibly textured surface to do something completely different on.) But these watery pure and transparent's a one shot deal. Yikes stripes.

Deconstructed Poppy

#28 Deconstructed Poppy  5x7 collage
While moving and unpacking the studio, I found 3 poppy petals that I had preserved with acrylic gel medium. They turn a nasty taupe color when dry.... but a bit of acrylic paint fixes that. The black/brown spot stays as is. I'm seeing how far I can go, pushing the subject off the page. We artists are always seeing how far we can push things and get away with it. :-D