sailor's delight

#89  Sailor's Delight ~ 6x6 ~ acrylic, collage and texture medium
I've been painting rocks... You'll be seeing a flurry of these over the next few days. A rock pile! hehehe

I've always been a rock hound. Can't leave them lay...always feel the need to adopt them into my collection. I have rocks from Ireland, Africa, France, California... any time we visit a place, my souvenir is a rock. I'm a cheap date.

Blue Matter

#12 Blue Matter 7x5 watercolor and gouache
This was completed last week... but I didn't get it posted until right now. A study in transparent vs. opaque. I can't decide if the transparent passages come forward (because of size) or recede (because of transparency).

I'm finding that the painting part of my challenge is coming along just fine, but the photographing, and posting is nagging at me. :)

In case you are just tuning in... I'm challenging myself to paint or draw (any medium) six 5x7's a week. I created a Facebook group of like minded folk... If you want to challenge yourself to do something, and need a bit of accountability... come and join us! Here's a link.