Kroger Bouquet

# 67 Kroger Bouquet~ 12x9~ acrylic on Yupo

Yesterday, I intended to drive to a local nursery green house to pick up some potted plants to paint... hoping for flowering plants...Freesia, or something inspiring. I only made it as far as the corner Kroger (our local supermarket). I did this quick (20 minute?) painting at the tail end of my painting day from the bouquet I got there....(I worked most of the day on a large poppy painting that I'm more excited about)
The set up would have liked some more dramatic lighting... a spot light would have been nice. This is what it looks like with flat, even, daylight fluorescents. :-)  I sort of like the color combo though... it's different for me.

Bauble Blossoms

#22 Bauble Blossoms, 7x5 acrylic and silver tape
I had a huge home depot size roll of dryer vent silver tape left over from our new dryer installation... I call it new art supplies. I imagine it showing up in places for a long time.... foil with a sticky back. Love it. Used it in 3 places on this one... with a bit of paint pen on top. Easy peasy silver foil technique. ;-)


#20 Super-bot  7x5 acrylic on paper
I received this adorable robot Christmas ornament from some very good friends of mine.... I refuse to put him away in a box and will enjoy him year-round. I gave him some arms in the painting, for balance (hehehe)...but that doesn't mean I think he should have arms. He is charming armless.