true confessions

Lake View 2
12x12 collage
this is where it is at the moment.....trying to salvage.
I'm not sure if I'm done or not...I'm mad at myself.

Where it was yesterday....
after I had the bright idea mid painting, to turn it into a landscape.

One of my constant struggles in painting is having an idea or concept, and sticking with it. The smart thing to do when these "other" ideas come up is to write them down and try them on the next painting. Stay the course. But if I'm the least bit distracted.... I veer off course into another idea. 

The trouble with this, for me anyway, is 
1. I never complete the original idea...which is sometimes a good one.
2. Because the base of the second idea is on top of a different's not a good solid place to start.

I've been lazy. 
The best way to stop this flighty behavior is to actually write the concept down on tape or a post it...and have it right near my palette. 
To remember the WHY I'm painting this in the first place. 
Where's that sticky note pad?

subject jumps.... hop hop hop

I've been skipping from non-representational (abstract) to representational,and back again. Keeps me on my toes.

 I'm downstate (Michigan) and sort of enjoying the limitations I have here. For example...I'm using the table as a studio space and only have watercolor, gouache and colored pencils. Wonder how long I can resist the art supply store that is a hop skip and jump from here. 

hop hop hop       hop hop hop        hippity hop. :)